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Städte als Labore radikaler Klimalösungen?

Prof. Dr. Felix Creutzig (Fachgebiet Sustainability Economics of Human Settlements, Fak. VI)

With the rise of right-wing regimes in major world economies, and the collapse of climate action, especially in the US and Brazil, cities are burdened with the expectation that they save the day, if not the planet. That hope is misguided on two accounts. First, climate change mitigation remains a collective action problem, and even if Beijing becomes carbon neutral in 2025, the combustion of the Amazon for soy production that feeds German meat production (not only, but it is important part of the story) counteracts progressive urban trends. Second, urban climate action appears to be harder than expected; for example urban street space in Berlin in dominated more by (fossil-fueled) cars than 10 years ago, not less. Yet, hope there is too. Majorities for structural change can be formed in urban areas. Cities can also influence wider world affairs with the demand they generate (or not). Success will depend on forming surprising coalitions with car-dependent sub-urbanites and with older generations.

Felix Creutzig is professor for Sustainability Economics of Human Settlements. He is nterested in low-carbon urban planning modeled with artificial intelligence methods. He sees a key challenge in the governance of urban big data and hopes to identify urban service provisioning systems that rely on little energy but bring high well being.

Datum: 02.12.2019

Uhrzeit: 16:15-17:45 

Ort: Hörsaalgebäude Elektrotechnik HE 101, Straße des 17. Juni 136  


Aufzeichnung der Veranstaltung vom 02.12.2019

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