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Area Mobility and Space


The "Mobility and Space" group at the ZTG at the Technische Universität Berlin conducts research on issues of human mobility and commercial transport. In addition to foundational research, our colleagues offer consultation for politics and businesses on local, national and international levels. Furthermore, we offer support for the planning and implementation of innovative mobility proposals in urban and rural areas.

Our guiding principle is the development of a resource efficient design for individual and collective mobility, in everyday life and during leisure time, in freight and service traffic as well as in settlement and infrastructure.

The goal of our research is to develop and implement an integrated concept for safeguarding sustainable mobility in rural as well as urban spaces. Also, we aim to provide trend-setting planning and action recommendations for political programs.

We use the tools and methods of classic transport science, urban and regional planning, social and environmental research, behavioural science and evaluation and participation research. In doing this, we apply quantitative and qualitative methods (interviews, user and household surveys, traffic counts, etc.).

Following from the inter- and transdisciplinary orientation of our research institution, the Mobility and Space group has a wide range of methods and tools at its disposal ranging beyond those of traditional mobility research which include: survey and evaluation procedures of consumer research, environmental and technical impact assessment and planning cells as a participation tool. For observation of the impacts of traffic, we also use the approaches of our external partners.

The Mobility and Space group is attached to the Historical Archive of Tourism (Willy-Scharnow-Archiv, hist-soz.de/hat). The HAT, founded in 1987, holds the world's largest collection of books, magazines, brochures, photo albums, posters and so on, in the field of historical-cultural-scientific travel and tourism research.

Our actual research fields are (for details see competences):

1.      Societal and human aspects

2.      Spatial Aspects of Transport

3.      Sustainable Urban Mobility

4.      Smart Mobility

5.      Commercial Transport

6.      Methods and Tools for Mobility Research

Current informationen from the area "Mobility and Space"

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