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The first three guests scientists out of 18 have arrived in the ZTG for the first research stay of the SUMRICA Project.

Tuesday, 25. September 2018

The Initials SUMRICA stand for "Sustainable Urban Mobility Research in Central Asia".  The project, funded by the VW-foundation, aims at a long-term perception shift of mobility research in Central Asia by providing next-generation researchers, planners, officials and politicians with state of the art knowledge. The consortium includes seven universities from Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran

The three research guests and their respective topics are:

 Elegiia Bokoeva from  Kyrgyzstan -  PostDoc at the Bishkek Humanities University. She will stay at the ZTG​ from August till October 2018​ and will focus her research on the possibilities of implementation of Electromobility in the city of Bishkek.

 Assel Nugmanova from Kazakhstan -  a PhD student at the Nazarbayev University. She will stay at the ZTG from August till October 2018​ and will work her on the Developing adaptive and sustainable transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan.

 Elbek Khodjaniyazov from Uzbekistan - a PhD student and instructor at the Urgentch State University. He will stay at the ZTG from September till November 2018.  ​His research topic is: "Analysis of the factors affecting the usage of urban transport networks by overseas visitors in Khorezm region (Uzbekistan)"


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