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Modeling Car Ownership in Mexico: Individual and Spatial Determinants of Acquiring a Car’

This research aims to discover what are the causes behind the car ownership increases in Mexican mid-sized cities and if there are similarities with other bigger cities and different regions. This research focus on a numerical approach, the interpretations came from statistical proved methods. Different models will be made in order to found several questions about the topic.

This research is focused on cities that are often leaving aside for studies, mobility issues is not the exception. Mid-sized cities in Mexico are not so in depth studied although the present mobility problems are similar to big cities i.e. high car ownership levels. This investigation will bring answers in the area of car dependence such as why specifically in mid and intermediate cities this dependence is emerging. The areas are focused on urban aspects, economic factors and cultural aspects to clarify the mode choice. The importance of not only finding what is happening but if there are such similarities with bigger cities can lead to answer such as if it is suitable to adopt the same measures or avoid them. In the same path are the similarities between regional cities that it can be the cases were the factors between mid-sized cities differ. Therefore different case studies will be taken, representing regional and size to have different cities profiles so the different models can be compared on urban, economic terms among other areas.

The research takes place in 3 years and a half where in-depth in the current literature, followed by the data recollection to create the different statistical models. Scenario prediction is a strong possibility if the data available is reliable and large enough samples are collected. The results of these different models will answer the research questions about similarities between cities and their mode choice decision process. If similarities are found it means there are some implications that can be assumed, such as the future of some mid-sized cities considering the case studies of bigger cities.

Project responsible

  • Daniela Roque


November 2015 – May 2019


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