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Young Cities - New Towns in Iran

Sustainable and integrated transport planning concepts for New Town on the case study of Hashtgerd, Iran

Principal Researcher

Funded by

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research


7/1/2008 - 9/30/2014

Description of the project


In course of the research program "Research for Sustainable Development of the Megacities of Tomorrow" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, a German-Iranian consortium is investigating concepts for a sustainable development of Young Cities (New Towns  in Iran). The research is conducted under the supervision of the Technical University of Berlin in an appliance-oriented research association. Based on the results, New Towns will be planned and built in Iran. The Iranian leading partners are the "Building and Housing Research Center" (BHRC) and the "New Towns Development Corporation" (NTDC). The main objective of the project is to find out, whether the development of New Towns is a reasonable strategy to level off the population growth in urban agglomerations.

The biggest of the 30 planned Iranian New Towns is Hashtgerd, situated 65km northwest of the Megacity Teheran and 30km west of the Megacity Karaj. The research project outlines the development of the planned New Town Hashtgerd in the agglomeration Teheran/ Karaj and implements research results in form of pilot projects within the New Town. At Technical University of Berlin the city and regional planning, architecture, civil engineering and the traffic planning institutes are involved in the project.

Dr.-Ing. Wulf-Holger Arndt is coordinating the cross-linked  network  „Megacities  and  Mobility“ (MC Mob) to the knowledge exchange between the projects of the research program “Future Megacities”.

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