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Fit-Old: Interventions in the Elderly’s Mobility Modes for Promotion of their Physical Activity and Fitness

Scientific Staff

Student Assistents

Funded by


  • Europäische Kommission - Erasmus +


Jan. 2021 – June 2023

Project Description

The population of Europe is becoming continuously older hence there is a need for having a precise understanding about the needs of necessities of old Europeans in relation with their wellbeing and health including their physical activity and fitness. So far the European Commission has made use of national and international studies to make policies that fit these needs. The role of the built environment and the connections of the elderly’s health with their daily mobility is in many cases neglected. The European programmes are more or less limited to actions targeting sports while resources about the interrelations of built environment mobility patterns perceptions physical activity and fitness of the elderly are not consistent in case of many European countries. Thus the project Fit-Old attempts to provide up-to-date inclusive and consistent resources for policy making and awareness raising about the health of the elderly of more than 65 years of age in the European countries with emphasis on lower-income and southern and Mediterranean countries on which fewer studies have been conducted. Another objective of the project is to shorten the time between production of scientific outputs about the physical activity and fitness of the European elderly with policy making. Finally, the project provides up-to-date information for the senior end-users using the results of scientific studies. The outputs of the project are 6 journal papers (as scientific results) open educational resources for both policy makers and the elderly. The project duration is 30 months.

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