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Projects and Competences

The Center for Technology and Society regards itself as a competence center for transdisciplinary research. Research at the ZTG is organized in six subject divisions and four theoretical-methodological divisions.

The focus of the work lies in the initiation, coordination and execution of research projects. The ZTG not only develops its own research projects but also takes up project ideas that have been suggested to the center by other researchers at TU Berlin. During the application phase, the ZTG undertakes the coordination and involvement of the participants with their different disciplinary approaches, methods and languages, and jointly develops transdisciplinary research questions and strategies.

As a rule, the research projects are carried out in cooperation with TU Berlin's subject areas and with external partners. In larger-scale projects, the ZTG organizes workshops as well as the exchange of information, and ensures that preliminary and final results are integrated.

In addition, the ZTG organizes a comprehensive exchange of results and experiences both within and among cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperative research groups, thereby promoting collaboration in the field of technology and society.

The competences acquired in this connection are reflected not only in the topical and theoretical-methodological divisions but also in the development of innovative methods such as constellation analysis.


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