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ICUC: Increasing compliance through using cameras

The Transport Policing and Enforcement Directorate (TPED) deploys 1.300 enforcement cameras in and around buses and bus lanes to reduce journey time and increase reliability across the London Bus Network. Bus lane enforcement relies on cameras to help achieve its mission of gathering evidence, identifying offences and initiating proceedings against offenders.

To some, it appears self evident that camera enforcement contributes to the strategic goals of TPED and Transport for London in general. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that is the case. What is not known is how and to what degree camera enforcement systems participate in achieving the goals set for TPED. Specific quantifiable evidence must be obtained to demonstrate the effectiveness of TPEDs various interventions. Existing data shows that the enforcement activity has the desired effect, but camera systems are just one point in a complicated constellation of variables that affect bus speed, reliability and safety. Other strategies such as Red Routes or Transport Police Community Support Officers (TPCSOs) also have an effect on improvements in passenger journey speed and an increase in the reliability of the network. Therefore TPED requires additional data and analysis to make a definitive conclusion on the contribution of the cameras.

Camera systems can appear straight forward but mask complicated relationships between the camera system technology, environment and human resources structures. Our report for TPED focuses on both the variety of functions and on the complexity of practices and contexts.

ICUC 2: Increasing compliance through mixed enforcement

This follow-up project to the ICUC project examined the various contributions made by camera enforcement, uniformed personnel (police, traffic wardens and parking attendants) and the street environment to lead to greater compliance to parking regulations in London’s congested streets. Through participant observation, semi structured expert interviews, literature review and quantitative analysis we devekoped a model of the current system and were able to suggest testable scenarios to optimise the deployment of human and technological resources.


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