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Measuring the Diversity of Research

This project is aimed at developing methods for measuring the diversity of research. The methods shall enable comparisons of the diversity of research in different countries and the analysis of time series of the diversity of national fields and research organisations.

Methods are developed and tested using a bibliographic database that can be directly accessed by scripts. Based on a clarification of the central concepts ‘field', ‘topic', and ‘research diversity' we will

  • develop methods for the identification of themes in publications and a delineation of fields by using these themes;
  • operationalise concepts of diversity and test their applicability to comparative and time series studies; and
  • extend the methods to fields that are not adequately covered by the web of science.

This project is a collaborative effort with colleagues form the Institute of Library and Information Science, Humboldt-University Berlin (Frank Havemann, Michael Heinz and Alexander Struck.


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