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Participatory Urban Regeneration

Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterInnen


März 2013 - Dezember 2013 (evtl. Verlängerung)


Auswärtiges Amt in Rahmen DAAD Programm "Hochschuldialog mit der islamischen Welt"


Cairo University

Iran University of Science and Technology

Istanbul Technical University


Taking the form of a three year research-based exchange programme that started in March 2013, the project addresses and questions the (recently widely adopted) idea of citizen participation in the process of urban regeneration, through case studies in four cities: Berlin, Cairo, Istanbul and Tehran. The spatial units investigated are inner-city neighbourhoods facing social or physical problems, in which traditional informal community networks can still be traced.

Based on this background, the aims of the programme are: to study how existing informalities can serve as a departure point for opening up new perspectives on the issue of citizen participation; to map the informal, minor and dispersed activities of activists or facilitators in case study neighbourhoods of the four cities; to elaborate how these activities can contribute to and also benefit from internationally-known and -practiced participation methods; and finally, to propose an innovative integration, that results formalising what is currently informal and, reciprocally, informalising what is formal, a process which can lead to the re-conceptualising and contextualising of the term ‘participation’ for a specific cultural context.

To this end, the programme is building up a network of academics, professionals, and activists in the four cities and providing them with a platform for exchanging their knowledge. Building the network will take place through a series of exchange events and activities, which will also engage a large number of postgraduate students.



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