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Research and Cross Sectional Areas

Over the course of many years of research activities, we have developed competences that are reflected in the divisional structure of the ZTG. The divisions function like a matrix structure, with thematic priorities as one element of organization and methodological priorities as another.


Research and Cross Sectional Areas
The subject divisions
The methodological divisions
Climate and Energy [1]
Sustainability Research [2]
Land Use and Consumption Patterns [3]
Participation Research [4]
Mobility and Space [5]
Governance and Innovation Research [6]
Security – Risk – Criminology [7]
Methods of transdisciplinary research [8]
Social Movements – Technology – Conflicts [9]
Methods of transdisciplinary research [10]

Personnel-wise, these divisions are not strictly distinct from each other since staff members are required to participate in at least one thematic and one methodological focus area. Each division is represented by a head and a deputy, both elected from within that division.


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