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Dipl.-Soz. Wiss. Niklas Creemers

Niklas Creemers works since 2015 at the Center for Metropolitan Studies.

Dipl. Soz.-Wiss. Niklas Creemers is a social scientist with four years working experience in academic research. His expertise covers Sociological Theory, Urban Studies, Cultural Studies, Security Research and, Surveillance Studies. After graduating from University Duisburg-Essen he worked several years as a freelance scientific service provider for academic institutions consulting and conducting funding acquisition and supporting research teams in projects like “SuSI-Team: Passengers’ Perceptions of Security in Public Transport Systems”, and “SIMKAS-3D: Simulation of Cascading Crisis in Urban Critical Infrastructure Systems as a 3-D Model” both funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Furthermore he worked for the Center for Technology and Society (CTS) at Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) as a researcher in the BMBF-funded project “Dynamic Arrangements of Urban Cultures of Security – DynASS”, and in the EU-funded project “PATS: Privacy Awareness through Security Organisation Branding”. Niklas Creemers is currently part of CTS’s research team on the project “PROFILING: Protecting Citizens’ Rights against Illicit Profiling” funded by the EU.


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