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Dipl.-Soz. tech. Carla Ilten


Carla Ilten joined the Centre for Technology and Society as a junior researcher in 2008. She holds a Diplom in Sociology and Technology Studies from the Technical University Berlin. Carla Ilten is currently the junior project manager of the EU funded "Privacy Awareness through Security Organisation Branding" project. Her team coordinates the six partners in the project. Next to the privacy project, Carla Ilten's research focuses on technology activism. She has published a book on a Wireless Community Network as a case study of socio-technical innovation by civil society actors. In spring 2011, Carla Ilten worked with Prof. Hector Postigo at Temple University on an NSF funded project on the use of Web 2.0 media by activists for social change.

Research Interests

  • Science and Technology Studies, especially approaches within the Social Shaping of Technology (SST) and Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA) programmes
  • Innovation Studies; sociotechnical innovation by civil society actors
  • Social movements: technology activism (Free and Open Source Software, Community Technology, Digital Rights)
  • Gender Studies, Queer Studies
  • Risk, security technologies and privacy issues

Academic Qualification
Visiting Scholar at Temple University (Philadelphia) with Prof. Hector Postigo. NSF funded research on the use of Web 2.0 media by activists for social change.

Research Associate in the project PATS - Privacy Awareness through Security Organisation Branding (EU FP7 funded)
Research Associate at the Centre for Technology and Society; Project: SuSiteam (BMWI funded) (Subjektive Sicherheit - Test und Evaluation Ausgewählter Maßnahmen/ Subjective Security - Test and Evaluation of Selected Measures)
Diplom Soziologie technikwissenschaftlicher Richtung (Sociology and Technology Studies) (Technische Universität Berlin)
Diploma thesis on "Sociotechnical Innovation by Civil Society Actors. A Case Study of the Wireless Community Networks Project illustrating the Approach of Social Niche Management."
Student Assistant for the careers@communication project led by bei Prof. Funken (TU Berlin)
Visiting student at the University of Edinburgh Graduate School Programme for Science and Technology Studies
Tutor for the Chair of Technology Studies, Prof. Rammert (TU Berlin), Taught classes include "Technik und Organisation" (summer term 2003), "Technik und Interaktion" (winter term 03/04) and "Technik und Gesellschaft" (summer term 2004)


Ilten (2009): Strategisches und Soziales Nischenmanagement. Zur Analyse gesellschaftspolitisch motivierter Innovation. Wiesbaden: VS Research
Articles and chapters
Ilten, Guagnin, Hempel (2012): Privacy Self-Regulation through Awareness? In: Gutwirth, S.; Leenes, R.; De Hert, P.; Poullet, Y. (Eds.): European Data Protection: In Good Health? Springer.
Ilten, Carla/ Guagnin, Daniel/ Hempel, Leon (2011): How can privacy accountability become part of business process? In: Privacy Laws and Business International, no. 112 (September 2011), 28-20.
Guagnin, Hempel, Ilten: Privacy Practices and the Claim for Accountability. In: Von Schomberg, Rene von (ed.) 2011: Towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the Information and Communication Technologies and Security Technologies Fields, Luxembourg: Publication Office of the European Union
Guagnin, Ilten (2011): Self-Governed Socio-technical Infrastructures. Autonomy and Cooperation through Free Software
and Community Wireless Networks. In: Cerrillo-i-Martínez, A., Peguera, M., Peña-López, I. & Vilasau Solana, M. (coords.) : Net Neutrality and other challenges for the future of the Internet. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, 11-12 July, 2011. Barcelona: UOC-Huygens
Hempel, Ilten (2011): Interview mit Sachar Paulus: Sicherheit oder Resilienz? Wider die Illusion der "Dauergesundheit" unserer Gesellschaft. In: Sichtbarkeitsregime: Überwachung, Sicherheit und Privatheit im 21. Jahrhundert
Hempel, Carius, Ilten (2009): Exchange of information and data between law enforcement agencies within the European Union. Discussion paper Nr. 29/09 des Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft

Projekt UniSolar Berlin: University Roofs for Energy Transition (www.unisolar-berlin.de)
seit 2006
Member of the Initiative für Nachhaltige Entwicklung e.V. (Initiative for Sustainable Development), member of the Board as of 2008


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