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Erik Fruth


Erik is a Deutscher Akademsicher Austausch Dienst Scholar pursuing his Master’s in Environmental Planning at the Technical University Berlin. After completing degrees in Global Studies and German at California Lutheran Unviersity, Erik studied in China and interned in Laos. He hopes to research how economic and political systems affect people’s access to food, nature, and decent livelihoods. He has been working as a Student Assistant with UTB-MENA from April until August 2018.

Research interests:

  • enmvironmental planning, politics and justice
  • sustainable agriculture and agricultural systems
  • food insecurity
  • sustainable resource managment


Academic Career
Since 03/2018
Student Assistant at the Center for Technology and Society for the project UTB-MENA - Urban Travel Behavior in Large Cities of the MENA Region
Student Research Assistant at the Chair of Innovation Economics for the project STAR-ProBio
Research Assistant with World Renew Laos


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