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Yaman Hebbo


Yaman Hebbo is an architect and urban planner pursuing his studies into a Ph.D. level in the area of “Mobilität und Raum”of the “Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft (ZTG)”at the TU-Berlin. He started his work in this research unit at the 15th of March 2012.In his studies, Yaman is taking the theory of transit oriented development (TOD) into another level of implementation while practicing it in the urban contexts of Middle East as well as engaging the private sector in the process to see if it is possible to build a model of sustainable urban transformation for the region based on TOD. This would emphasize, as a result, the possibility of steering the interests of market trends and associated stakeholders towards sustainability and support, at the end, decision makers in the region to adopt the right forms of urban development. Here, a gentle push is meant to reconsider the role of transportation and urban mobility in achieving sustainable development taking the advantage of available capitals. The future, in that sense, could be seen as much more sustainable and yet profitable.

Inspired by the UN-HABITAT programs and reports, the emphasis of Yaman’s master thesis (A Framework for the spatial planning of Aleppo in Syria) was about defining the main elements of a development strategy for towns and cities in the developing world. This led him to make an attempt to address the main common characteristics describing the current urban status and indicating the future challenges of urbanity in these parts of the world. The aim was to draw a conceptual framework for the desired urban development depending on a realistic case study together with having confidential data base and information.


Research interests:

  • Public transportation, urban accessibility, and urban mobility
  • Spatial planning and regional development
  • Open space
  • City centers and sub-centers
  • Informal settlements, informal economy, and urban informality
  • Urban governance
  • Urban identity
  • Sustainable architecture and renewable energy
Work Experience
Period of time
since 03/2012
Research associate at the Center for Technology and Society
05/2006 -
Directorate of Engineering and Service Affairs, Department of Architectural Studies and Planning University of Aleppo, Syria
09/2005 -
Architect& Interior Designer
SURADEC, Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation Architectural Design and Engineering Consortium, Aleppo, Syria
08/2004 -
Directorate of The Old City of Aleppo, in cooperation with GIZ, Aleppo, Syria
08/2002 -
SURADEC, Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation Architectural Design and Engineering Consortium, Aleppo, Syria
University Education
Period of time
course of studies
10/2008 -
Master of Science in “Urban Agglomerations” University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
09/2009 -
Post Graduate Diploma in “Project Management and Organisations” University of Applied Sciences, Malmö, Sweden
10/2005 -
Post Graduate Diploma in “City Planning” University of Aleppo, Syria
09/2000 -
Bachelor of Science in “Architecture” University of Aleppo, Syria


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