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Shvets, Olga


Olga Shvets was born in 1975 in Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan) and studied Computer sciences and Automation and Control at the East-Kazakhstan State technical University. In 2010 she successfully defended her PhD thesis. She is “The best lecturer of the university 2015".

Since 1998 Ms. Shvets is working for the East-Kazakhstan State technical University.

Scientific areas: ecological monitoring (impact of enterprises and transport), software for environment protection, automation and control devices in ecological sustainability.

From December 2018 until March 2019 she worked on the project SUMRICA and “Manufacture of titanium products for further use in medicine”.



Academic Career
Since 2017
Associate Professor of New Technologies and materials in nuclear industry department (EKSTU)

Since 2012
Associate Professor of Instrument Engineering, Automation and Control sub-department (EKSTU)
Executive director, Kazakhstan Society of engineering education KazSEE
Vice-director of the institute of postgraduate educations and new educational technologies – the head of sector of the international innovative programs (EKSTU)
Executive director, Kazakhstan national monitoring committee IGIP
Senior lecturer of Information System sub-department (EKSTU)
Postgraduate student of Information System sub-department (EKSTU)
Student of Information System sub-department (EKSTU)
Research Projects
Senior researcher in projects:
Since 2018
Since 2017
Manufacture of titanium products for further use in medicine
Development of methods and algorithms for image recognition for assessing the qualitative composition of mineral rocks in the mining industry
Optimization of energy consumption in LED combined lighting installations with automated control: algorithms, software, demonstration mock-up at EXPO 2017
Development of a new automated technology of hydro soldering at typical TPPs and enterprises of the mining industry in Kazakhstan using hydro cyclones with controlled geometry
Research of problems and development of recommendations on adaptation of Kazakhstan's technical education to the requirements of the Bologna Process.

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Modern technology for automation in industry and our life. Tutorial. ISBN 978-601-7552-82-4, 2017
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Simulation of operation of the Center for Environmental monitoring and Emergency Situations. AIS 2013, International Symposium on Applied Informatics and Related Areas, Szekesfehervar, Hungary. (Co-author: Zhumakanov A.)
Information model presentation of the centre for environmental monitoring of extreme situations’ prevention. MIT-2013, X Conference “Computational and Informational Technologies for Science, Engineering and Education”, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia and Budva, Montenegro, September 5-14, 2013.
Math-computer support of extreme situation revealing in stationary work of the enterprises in Ust-Kamenogorsk city. Bulgaria, Journal of International Research Publications: Ecology & Safety. Published by Science & Education Foundation. ISSN 1313-7999, June 2012.

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