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Dr.-Ing. Wulf-Holger Arndt


Wulf-Holger Arndt studied transportation planning in Petersburg, Dresden and Berlin. After his degree in Transportation (1995 - Dipl.-Ing.), he worked as a freelancer in transportation planning and urban planning. From 1997 to end of 1999 he worked in the Institute for Ecological Economy Research in the Department of Urban development, Planning and Transportation. During this time, he was involved in a couple of research projects about sustainable urban transport. In this time he was leader of projects on field of transportation planning especially in task of commercial and freight transport. 2000 until 2008 he worked for lectures and research in the Department of Integrated Transportation Planning and since 2008 in the Center for Technology and Society (CTS) at TU Berlin. Since 2011 he is head of the research unit "Mobility and Space" in the CTS. He received his doctorate from the Technical University of Berlin with a thesis on the optimization of commercial transport. He is lecturer for the subjects transportation planning in international context, climate change and transport system, and commercial transport. His additional research fields are flexible planning methods and barrierfree mobility. Since May 2009 he works at the German Institute of Urban Affairs in an additional employment. Wulf-Holger Arndt is vice spokesman of the Research Cluster "Urban Metabolism" of the Innovation Center "Habitat Design" at the Technical University of Berlin.

Research fields:

  • Transportation Planning,
  • Climate Change and Mobility,
  • Energy Efficient Urban Planning,
  • Megacities and Transportation,
  • New Planning Approaches,
  • Barrierefree Mobility
Academic Career
Transportation Planning and Operation
Technical University of Berlin
Transportation Systems
University of Transportation (Dresden)
Operation in Rail Transport
LIISCHT (Leningrad, Soviet Union)

Apprenticeship Rail Road Technologies
Deutsche Reichsbahn Berlin
Professional Experience
Since 2011
Head of the research unit "Mobility and Space", Center for Technology and Society, TU Berlin
Since 2009
Research officer in the German Institute of Urban Affairs Berlin, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
Since 2009
Deputy Speaker, Research Cluster Urban Metabolism, Innovation Center Habitat Design TU Berlin
Since 2008
Research officer and Vice Area Manager, Center of Society and Technology, TU Berlin
Assistant Professor in Integrated Transportation Planning, TU Berlin
Since 1997
Transportation Planner, own consulting office planVerkehr
Ongoing Research Projects
Since Jan 2022
KIS'M - KI-basiertes System für vernetzte Mobilität
Since Oct 2020
CampusBike Berlin - research on usage characteristics
Since 2020
Shuttles&Co - Autonome Shuttles & Co im digitalen Testfeld Stadtverkehr
Since 2018 
Everyday urban mobility practices in Tehran
Since 2018
SUMRICA - Sustainable Mobility Research in Central Asia
Completed Projects
Cities.Multi Modal (CMM)
MaaS Inclusive
UrbanRail - Forschung zu innovativen Stadtbahnverkehrssystemen weltweit
SCSSG - Sector-Coupled Systems in Smart Grids
Dora - Door to Door Information for Air Passengers
Smart Mobile Energy SME
Smart Sustainable District (SSD) Moabit West
Traffic Emission Analysis Local Mobility Concept in Mönchengladbach
komDRIVE - electric potential of commerical vehicle fleets as decentralised energy source for urban distribution grids
Pilot Project Sustainable Transportation in China - The Example of the City of Qian‘an
Neighborhood Demonstrator
Energyatlas Berlin
Young Cities - Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran-Karaj Region, Dimension Transport and Mobility
Research Cluster Urban Metabolism, Innovation Center Habitat Design at the TU Berlin, Deputy Speaker
Estimation of follow-up costs for transportation in urban development
German Institute of Urban Affairs, Mobility and Infrastructure, project leader
Usedom - Analyse and concept of commercial transport in Usedom/Wollin, Subcontract of PTV Berlin, project leader
APW 2009 - Conference Global Mobility, Workshop: Transport Systems and Climate Change, Asia-Pacific-Weeks Berlin 2009
Bayern 2030 - Societal changing and estimation of the long-term traffic market tendency
APW 2007- Accessibility for all - Barrierefree Mobility, Asia-Pacific-Forum
New Towns as a strategy for the sustainable development of the fast emerging Megacity, Dimension Transport and Mobility
30.000 Euro, TU Berlin, Integrated Transport Planning
sub project leader Transportation
GCDM - Green City Development Mechanisms, Conference on Urban Sustainability, Beijing 2006 (div. Min.)
Urban intermodal commercial transport management: Development of instruments to optimization of urban commercial transport for higher efficiency and environmentally benign traffic (Dissertation project)
Large Analysis and Review of European Housing and Health Status (LARES): Data evaluation for barriers in dwellings and the surrounding area TU Berlin, Competence Center Barrier-free Planning and Constructing 50.000 Euro, project leader
Legal Framework for Surface Transport: Evaluation of the Russian transport legal system, TACIS program, EC.
Testing various measures designed to achieve an environmentally benign system of urban business traffic, Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU), Berlin
Urban development potentials and traffic ways projects, Federal Ministry of Transportation, Building and Housing, Bonn
Exemplary use of natural gas vehicles, Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU), Berlin
Traffic generation and ecological impacts by reason of decisions, regulations and measures with indirect relation of traffic, Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), Berlin

Selected Publications
Assel Nugmanova; Wulf-Holger Arndt; Md Aslam Hossain and Jong Ryeol Kim (2019): Effectiveness of Ring Roads in Reducing Traffic Congestion in Cities for Long Run: Big Almaty Ring Road Case Study. Sonderausgabe "Toward Sustainability: Transport Geography and Mobility" des Journal Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050). doi.org/10.3390/su11184973
Arndt, Wulf-Holger: Urbane Logistik und deren verkehrliche Herausforderungen in den Städten, in: Urbane Logistik, Arnd Bernsmann (Hrsg.), HUSS Verlag
Arndt, Wulf-Holger: Lieferkonzepte in Quartieren – die letzte Meile nachhaltig gestalten. Lösungen mit Lastenrädern, Cargo Cruisern und Mikro-Hubs, Wulf-Holger Arndt (Hrsg.), Tobias Klein (Hrsg.), Difu-Impulse, 3, 2018
Arndt, Wulf-Holger: Diskurse und Leitbilder zur zukunftsfähigen Ausgestaltung von Infrastrukturen, zusammen mit Libbe, Jens; Petschow, Ulrich; Trapp, Jan; Floeting, Holger, Umweltbundesamt, Dessau
Arndt, Wulf-Holger: Sustainable Transportation Planning in the Hashtgerd project „Young Cities“, in: Ghazal Raheb, Mahta Mirmoghtadaee: Developing Urban Energy Efficiency 7, Road, Housing and Urban Development Reserach Center, Tehran
Arbeitsgruppe Smart City (Abraham, M. et al.): Smart City: Zur Bedeutung des aktuellen Diskurses für die Arbeit am ZTG. Discussion Paper Nr. 37/17, Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft, Technische Universität Berlin.
Arndt, Wulf-Holger; Norman Döge, Michael Abraham 2017: Air Travel Groups and their Mobility Profiles in Air Traffic, International Transportation (69) 1, 2017
Arndt, Wulf-Holger; Norman Döge: Elektrifizierungspotential kommerzieller Kraftfahrzeug-Flotten im Wirtschaftsverkehr, in: Internationales Verkehrswesen (69) 2, 2017
Arndt, Wulf-Holger: Commercial transport in urban areas, Difu-Sonderveröffentlichungen, Berlin
Arndt, Wulf-Holger; Lu Lu: Urban tramway systems - a system-based overview. Deutscher Städtetag, Stadt Dresden, City of Qianan/China, TU Berlin

Arndt, W.-H./ Döge, N./ Marker, S. (Hrsg): „KomDRIVE Elektrifizierungspotential kommerzieller Kraftfahrzeug-Flotten im Wirtschaftsverkehr als dezentrale Energie-Ressource in städtischen Verteilnetzen“.
Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin.
dx.doi.org/10.14279/depositonce-4984 (Open Access)
Funktion und Gestaltung von städtischen Haupt(verkehrs)straßen mit Schwerpunkt Innenstadt. In: mobilogisch! 1/2016, 33-34
Lärmschutz und Luftreinhaltung durch Tempo 30. In: mobilogisch! 2/2016
Young Cities project. New Town Hashtgerd in the Karaj/Tehran agglomeration — Integrated urban and transportation planning for GHG emission reduction. In: International Transportation (67) 1
Wulf-Holger Arndt (ed.) Mobility and Transportation. Concepts for Sustainable Transportation in Future Megacities. Jovis Verlag Berlin

Wulf-Holger Arndt, Norman Döge: The Local (Public) Transport Plan as an Approach to optimize Urban Public Transport Planning in Iran. Young Cities Research Briefs, Vol. 14. Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin. Berlin.
Wulf-Holger Arndt, Jörg Huber, Rene Kämpfer, Farshad Nasrollahi: CO2-Balance for Buildings and Transportation in Hashtgerd New Town and Tehran Region, Young Cities Research Briefs, Vol. 13. Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin. Berlin.
Wulf-Holger Arndt, Norman Döge: Traffic and Transportation Studies (S.63-64), Mobility and Transportation (S.86-92), Transport and Mobility (S.107-109), Karten. In: Pahl-Weber, Seelig, Ohlenburg, [Eds.]: The Share Javan Community Detailed Plan, Planning for a Climate Responsive and Sustainable Iranian urban Quarter. Young Cities Research Paper Series, Vol. 03.Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin. Berlin.
Wulf-Holger Arndt: Transportation and Mobility. In: Young Cities – Urban Energy Efficiency. The German-Iranian Research Project. Accomplishments and Objectives. Young Cities Research Paper Series. Vol. 2. Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin. Berlin.
The boards that mean the future. Mobility planning on greenfield site (with Andreas Karger) its magazine Fachmagazin für Straßenverkehrstechnik 3/2011 (Siemens), pages 12-15.

Megacities and Transportation Systems, Traffic problems and Transport Policies in Megacities, Berlin 2010 in prep.
Potential of optimization in commercial transport by cooperation of orderer. Dissertation in the Technical University of Berlin
Urban Metabolism - Sustainable Urban Transfair (with Martina Schäfer, Wolfgang Wende), Description of a research cluster; Berlin 2008
Combination of quantitative and qualitative methods for research of freight transport Example of online surveys and expert interviews in research of procurement transport in Germany to planning and management of commercial transport, proceeeding of the International Conference on Survey Methods in Transport, Annecy, Frankreich 2008
Societal Changing and impacts to Transport system, 17. Bundesweite Umwelt- und Verkehrskongress 2007 „Demografischer Wandel und Mobilität: Verkehrsrückgang als Chance"
Commercial transport in transportation planning,
Ed., scientific series of the Institute of Land and Sea Transport, issue 44, Berlin
Goods transport in China,
recent developments in goods transport in P.R. China, Institute of Land and Sea Transport, Berlin
Modelling in commercial transport - Overview of model approaches in commercial transport, in: Wirtschaftsverkehr: Alles in Bewegung? Claudia Nobis, Barbara Lenz (Hrsg.), Studien zur Mobilitäts- und Verkehrsforschung Band 14, Mannheim
Impacts of recent trends in society at commercial transport, Method of impact assessment recent trends at commercial transport and first estimations, Institute of Land and Sea Transport, Berlin
Integrated Transportation Planning in urban area, Integrated planning approaches in transportation and the example of the new city centre Berlin Potsdamer Platz, Chinese-German GCDM-Conference on Urban Sustainability, Berlin/Peking
Procurement/orderer cooperation as an instrument for efficient and urban compatible commercial transport, in Wirtschaftsverkehr 2005, Trends – Modelle – Konzepte
Barrierfreedom in Transportation, in: Barrierefreie Mobilität und Partizipation in der Verkehrsplanung, Schriftenreihe des Institutes für Land- und Seeverkehr, Band 43, Berlin 2005
Barrierfree living in Europe,
Proceeding to 2nd WHO International Housing and Health Symposium, Bonn 2005
Modelling in commercial transport, Overview in model approaches in commercial transport, Series of Institute of Land and Sea Transport, No. 39, Berlin 2004
in: Contributions of transportation theory and practices, Series of Institute of Land and Sea Transport, No. 39, Berlin 2003
Thesis for a "Competence Centre of Mobility" for Berlin an behalf of European Academy of the Urban Environment, Berlin 2002
Distribution logistics in the city Halle, Ecological compatible mobility in urban areas, Berlin
Erprobung von Maßnahmen zur umweltschonenden Abwicklung des städtischen Wirtschaftsverkehrs, Hauptstudie, Umweltbundesamt-Berichte UBA-Texte 57/00, Berlin

Lectures at University
Since 2018
Module 11 Mobility and Development (course: Smart Mobility Management)
Since 2014
Module 13 Traffic Planning” (course: Urban Development)
Since 2009
Module 4.3 Transportation planning in urban areas in international context (course: Urban Management)
Lectureship FHW Berlin: Wirtschafts- und Verkehrsgeografie
Since 2004
Lectureship TU Dresden: Städtischer Wirtschaftsverkehr
Planning data and communication in commercial transport
Commercial transport: Data, Impacts, Planning
Traffic survey and simulation,
Planning measures in transportation and evaluation,
Statistics methods in transportation

Presentation (Selection)
SUMP in Germany, challenges and opportunities, national support for SUMP in the framework of CIVITAS Prosperity project, EUROCITIES Mobility forum “Empowering cities to go carbon neutral” Karlsruhe, 14 March 2019
Urban Freight Transport: Challenges and Solutions, Lisbon’s Centre for Urban Information (CIUL), Lissabon, Portugal, 17. Oktober 2019
Sustainable Urban Mobility, COSIMENA Summer School 2018, DAAD Egypt, Alexandria, Ägypten, 9.-14.9.2018
Urban freight delivery as part of transportation planning, 5th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, NICOSIA, CYPRUS, 14 –15 MAY 2018
Keynote-Speech "Trends neuer Mobilität. Digital und multimodal?" eMO-Teamklausur 2018: Innovationsmotor eMO, Berlin, 31. Mai 2018
Neue Mobilität. Digital und multimodal? Seminar für die oberste Führungsebene der Kommunen, Dinkelsbühl, 20. April 2018
Keynote-Speech “Urban Freight Transport”, Smart Mobility Forum, Chongqing, China, 16 March 2018
Sustainable Mobility in Germany, Guest lecture at Beijing Jiaotong University, China, 12 March 2018
Keynote-Vortrag “Sustainable Urban Mobility”, Challenges and Solutions – German Experiences and international best practices, Quality of Life Conference, El Gouna, Egypt, 26 November 2017
Elektrifizierung des Wirtschaftsverkehrs und Integration von Nutzfahrzeugflotten in Smart Grids, Smart Mobility Forum #4: Sektorenkopplung – Dezentral im Smart Grid, Berlin, 28.09.2017
Herausforderungen In Der Stadtlogistik Für Kommunen, Städtelogistik 2030, Expertenworkshop, Kantar Deutschland Gmbh, Hamburg, 31.08.2017
Wirtschaftsverkehr und kommunale Herausforderungen, Auf neuen Wegen in die City – Urbane Logistikkonzepte für morgen, IHK-Initiative Rheinland (IIR), Stadthalle Troisdorf 4. Juli 2017
Kommunalen Herausforderungen im Wirtschaftsverkehr, Kommunalkongress 2017 Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund, Berlin, 19. Juni 2017
Keynote-Vortrag "Transit Oriented Development International Experiences" auf der Tagung “Entwicklung einer nationalen Richtlinie des Irans für eine ÖPNV-orientierten Siedlungsentwicklung” im Building and Housing Research Center in Teheran, 17.05.2017
Commercial transport as a Challenge for the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, 4th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, 30 March 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Rail Transit Oriented Development for Sustainable Urban Mobility, The Second Rail-Based Urban Development Conference, Tehran, Iran, January 24-25, 2017
Mobility and Space Sustainable Urban Mobility Challenges, ICTTE 2016, 15th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Iran, Tehran, 1-2 March 2016

Cooperation or Consultancy in National and International Committees
Since 2009
Head of Committee 1.8.3 „Survey Methods in Commercial Transport", German Road and Transportation Research Association
Since 2009
Member of Cross Committee QA 7 "Post fossil Traffic", German Road and Transportation Research Association
Since 2010
Member of Committee 1.8 "Freight transport", German Road and Transportation Research Association
Since 2010
Member of Committee 1.8.4 "Modelling for Freight transport", German Road and Transportation Research Association

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