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Rabea-Lorina Dehning


In my function as research assistant, I support the junior research group "PuR - Precycling as a means of resource efficiency. Systemic solutions for packaging prevention" as a whole, as well as the researchers in particular with organization and research. I am responsible for public relations and event planning. As a cultural scholar, I am particularly interested in the relationship between humans and technology in everyday life and the practices that connect them. In practical terms, I am also interested in how solutions for waste prevention can be integrated into everyday life.

Since 2016, I worked at the Center for Science and Technology, first as a student assistant, now as a research assistant. In addition to my work in the junior research group, I am currently studying History and Culture of Science and Technology at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin. My focus is on the history of technology, epistemology and practices of sustainable burial.


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