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Anton Schaefer


I've been part of the "Repara/kul/tur" team since May 2019. My focus is on the presentation of the results of the research that was based on a citizen science approach: first, with the development of a travelling exhibition featuring the main results made for display in places connected with repair and making, such as repair cafés and makerspaces. Second, with the design of a website / online exhibition that presents the research outcomes in depth. As a master's student in computational engineering science my academic background is on the intersection of mechanical engineering and IT. Additionally, I gained experience in teaching and the design of exhibitions as part of the initiative Blue Engineering - engineers with social and ecological responsibility.

Academic Career
Seit 2019
Master Computational Engineering Science at TU Berlin
Teaching member / tutor of the funded tu-projects  "Studierende gestalten Lehre" (students make teaching)  und "KriOri – kritische Orientierung an der TU Berlin" (critical introduction to TU Berlin)
Bachelor Computational Engineering Science / Informationstechnik im Maschinenwesen TU Berlin
since 2014
Member of the initiative Blue Engineering – engineers with social and ecological responsibility blue-engineering.org
Exhibition "zusammen schrauben" for the research project Repara/kul/tur
Exhibition "Rad ab, Schraube locker – 19 Werkzeuge zur Demontage von Technik und Gesellschaft"  ("wheel off, screw loose – 19 tools to disassemble tech and society")

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