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The ZTG Team

Around 50 people are regularly involved in the work at the ZTG as project leaders, research assistants and scholarship holders. In addition, international researchers can be hosted for several weeks or more while assisting the team or conducting their own research.

Our international team is made up of researchers from a wide diversity of academic backgrounds, from civil engineering to psychology, economics, sociology, design, political science, history, German studies, architecture, urban and rural planning, cultural science, communication science, computer science and so on. In addition to the interests which drive the various research projects, the whole team shares a common goal of critically examining the potential and possibilities of cooperation which crosses disciplinary boundaries.

A large part of the research conducted at the ZTG is orientated towards this transdisciplinary goal. In addition to this, and in support of it, the Centre has, over the years, established networks with individuals and institutions involved in various fields from science, industry and politics.




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