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Content-Related Tasks and Objectives

Projects at the ZTG investigate the relation between technological development and socio-ecological change from the perspectives of both fundamental research and user orientation. In doing so, we combine four overarching goals:

  • Firstly, the state of knowledge about technological and socio-ecological transformations shall be further developed in a problem-oriented manner by means of identifying and generalizing typical problem situations (such as unintentional results, unexploited bodies of knowledge, complex cause-effect relationships) based on specific cases, or by means of developing innovative solution approaches in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Secondly, appropriate concepts and methods from social science and the humanities shall be used as sources of expertise complementary to the natural, engineering and planning sciences in order to implement integrative approaches to research. This includes the task of introducing, at an early stage, social-scientific aspects and questions into the processes of technology development and implementation – a concern which has also been formulated in the general Mission Statement of Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Thirdly, the ZTG aims to use its expertise in the field of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation to support other subject areas and institutes at TU Berlin in the successful implementation of this type of research. In doing so, the ZTG regards itself as a provider of methods of cooperation that allow the research partners to communicate beyond the borders of their own disciplines, using discordances in a productive manner to develop more robust courses of action.
  • Fourthly, the ZTG aspires to become more strongly involved in the interdisciplinary Bachelor’s and Master's degree programs at TU Berlin by offering problem-oriented courses. This also entails increased participation in the non-consecutive Master's programs and options of lifelong learning.

Research at the ZTG is predominantly carried out within third-party funded projects. Our aspiration, beyond the work on specific projects, is to contribute to the further development of theories of technology development in the medium-range that, on the one hand, go beyond the mere description of technological change in individual case studies and, on the other, are more specific, subject-related and focused than general statements about the social conditionality of technology.

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